Rain On Me’s aim is to develop gratitude and understanding within individuals so we can learn to be kinder to ourselves and also to others around us.

Mental health struggles start very young and can make a huge impact on a person's life. We want to tackle this issue by spreading awareness, removing stigma and providing mental health education in schools. 

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School Workshops



We do half day/full day Mental Health Workshops for Year 11 students and above.

The workshop begins with the rules (for example, confidentiality) and brief introductions. This is followed by a listening exercise to warm up the group. We then facilitate fun activities like drawing, letter writing and mindfulness techniques to explore important skills like gratitude, empathy, self love and forgiveness.


These exercises avoid the session from getting too overwhelming in one sitting and allow the mind to stay alert.


The objective is to give individuals time in a group setting to share emotions but also an opportunity for self-reflection. Our aim is not to give advice and tell them what to do, but rather to give them the tools they need to empower themselves and also be compassionate towards their peers.

All workshops are facilitated by individuals who have lived experience and so can empathise with students who are might be struggling with their mental health.


The Facilitator is fully trained in Mental Health First Aid.

However, we always recommend having a school counsellor/nurse/teacher present (but not participating) in these workshops.

We also do Presentations for School Assemblies discussing poor mental health and warning signs students can look out for in themselves and their peers. Topics we cover-

  • Mental Health Myths and Facts

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic Attacks

  • How to be a Good Listener?

  • How to look after your own Mental Health?

  • Where to find Support?

  • Why do people bully?

School Workshops

To avoid trauma or issues arising at a young age, it is important for a child (of any age) to have an emotionally available adult in their life.

Children spend the same amount of time at home as they do at School, this is why it is so vital for both Teachers and Parents to be on the same page on how to deal with a mentally distressed child to avoid the individual from getting any mixed or inconsistent signals. 

We do Talks and Mini Workshops for Teachers/Parents where we talk about Mental Health Literacy, Warning Signs, and how to approach, listen and support a young person in a non judgemental way. 

We also talk about how to build resilience and the feeling of empowerment in a child so they can learn to take care of themselves and make their own decisions in the future.


Every child deserves to have access to mental health education and an environment where they feel safe to open up about their emotions. We don't want a price stopping a school from being able to provide these workshops for their students and staff. 

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