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Rain On Me

Do you feel like your days pass you by and you don’t even realise? 
Do you wake up everyday with no motivation? 
Do you feel restless?
Do you have constant stress?
Do you even love yourself?
Do you hear scary voices?
Do you have something nagging you? 
Does it never stop raining? 
Then it is time to learn to dance in the rain.


Who We Are

The Support Group's facilitators are not doctors.

We are just like you. We have lived experience.

We are here to tell you that you are not alone in this and we know what you’re going through. 

Rain On Me provides a safe space, in the form of a support group, for those needing to vent about daily struggles and stresses affecting their mental health. 

The founder of this London Support Group tackles multiple mental health issues and found the need to start a group where individuals can talk about their daily struggles and work together to overcome their individual obstacles. This is a way to open a dialogue about mental health in a 'medical-free' zone.


What's Up

Rain Boots

Raining Session

Our Raining session is a 'medical-free' zone. It is where you can truly be open and free to talk about whatever you want, and not feel judged, but actually, be heard and accepted. 

This free support group is led solely by like-minded volunteers. You are welcome to come and vent with us. You can even bring a friend. However, no family members are allowed as it can be difficult opening up in front of a parent. All discussions are completely confidential (unless your safety is at immediate risk). We would also like to point out that there is space for only 10-12 people in each group. ​

Please don't be late as this disrupts the flow of the session for everyone else.


Free Support Group
1 hr


Online Support Meetings

Our support group is now also international and welcomes individuals from all over the globe.

We are here to listen to you vent, about anything you like. Every session we do some fun activities together exploring a particular topic. You're more than welcome to come sit with us.

Please don’t be late as this may disrupt the flow of the session for the other participants. Please have your video on for privacy reasons. You don’t have to do the exercises if you don’t want to, but please let us know in advance.


Next Support Meeting: Monday 3rd October 2022

Time: 6pm BST (We close the meeting room at 6:10pm to avoid disruption).

Topic: I'm Responsible

Please book on the website or DM us on Instagram to register and receive Zoom log in details.

Please visit our Instagram @rainonlondon for regular updates.


"Look down at your body


There is no home like you"

                                            -Rupi Kaur 

Field Sunset

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